Daily  life can cause stress and strain on the body.   This is a relaxing full body massage focusing on the areas that can get locked up by life behind a desk and in particular the shoulders, neck, and upper and lower back.  This is an excellent antidote to the stresses of the day, perfect whether you are office or otherwise based.30 Minute sessions are $30 ,60 minute sessions are $60.00 and 90minute sessions $90.00


Our bodies are carefully tuned and our sense of touch is highly developed.  This sensational full body massage, using a variety of different strokes, pressure and techniques will relax, stimulate, calm and invigorate.Treat yourself and  let your body feel fantastic.  30 Minute sessions are $60, 60 minute sessions $100.00 and 90 minute sessions $150.00


Exercise is a great way to look after and improve your body and this massage can help  by improving muscle tone and suppleness, increasing the circulation bringing  nutrients to the muscles and helping the body's recovery.This full body massage can be a more vigorous or more relaxing massage depending on your mood on the day. Whichever you choose it is a sensational way to re-balance your body and make sure its at it's best. 30 Minute sessions are $40,60 minute sessions are $60.00 and 90minute sessions $80.00


 Why not take some time out to relax and be pampered! This calming massage is  excellent way for your body to let go and to let your mind drift into dreams. This full body massage is slow and easy, releasing feel good endorphins to enhance your feeling of well-being,an amazing way to begin the day or end the night with profound relief.  30 Minute sessions are $60, 60 minute sessions are $100.00 and 90 minutes sessions $200.00 .